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Studio Inceptica is a startup company committed to offer high level services in the product development process. Our slogan is “We make things real” just to emphasize that we give our best efforts to bring bright ideas to life. We remain loyal to our core value to place our customers in the center of our operations by developing our products based on their requirements and their needs. After all a useful product is the one that serves more.


Our logo consists of three gears that represent the main areas where our company operates. These are electronics, engineering and programming. Our experience has taught us that it is the successful cooperation of those components that makes exceptional products.

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Studio Inceptica offers a full range of product development services in the areas of electronics, engineering and programming. Our goal is to provide solutions both affordable and of high quality in order to satisfy even the most demanding client requirements.

CAD design

In Studio Inceptica we apply cutting-edge methodologies in the analysis and design of industrial products, using the most popular and finest parametric design software, such as CreoParametric. The parametric way of designing industrial products allows the fast and easy change in the geometry of a solid and perfectly combined with prototyping machines and CNC machines.



Rapid prototyping

Technologies like SHS (Selective Heat Sintering) and FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) allow us to produce high quality prototypes using either nylon powder or ABS as raw material. The final products have uniform hardiness, can be flexible or not according to desire and are very durable. They are ideal for planning control, assembly and functional testing.



PCB design

We offer electronic design and layout services for customers interested in printed circuit board projects. In order to achieve quality design we start with a clear understanding of the design requirements. We manually route all boards to produce the hand crafted results our customers expect. Quality comes from attention to detail, and the skill and experience to get it right and on time. We emphasize using the fewest layers in order to optimize the manufacturing processes and minimize cost. Most of all, it is the natural result of experience, dedication, and desire for the success of both ourselves and our customers.



PCB manufacturing

In collaboration with big companies in the PCB manufacturing area, we provide solutions for PCB creation both economic and of high quality. We deliver both single and multi layer boards and we accept very small or even single PCB orders. Please send us your quote and we will contact with you for the details.




Studio Inceptica’s programming services range from low level applications (embedded software development) to high level desktop or even web applications. We strive to deliver reliable code in the shortest of time using our experience.

Tools and Technology

  • C, C++, C#, MFC, Java
  • PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS
  • MySQL, SQLite, MSSQL



Reverse engineering

Studio Inceptica offers 3d scans of any size product, color or monochrome, with incredible accuracy. When is needed, we could also apply portable scanner for otherwise inaccessible areas. The result can be stored in 3d file formats like OBJ, STL and PLY allowing further processes such as 3d printing, dimensional control, product presentation, archaeological applications, computer animation, etc.



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